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About Us

Eagle Distributing Company has a commitment to our customers and community with quality products and professional service that exceeds expectations for excellence.

Our Mission: A beverage company driven by pride & excellence.

Our Vision: Growing Eagle Distributing Company through the success of our employees and business partnerships while holding ourselves to the highest standards for our customers and community.

Eagle History

Owner and President of Eagle Distributing Company, Ray Hand, was introduced into the malt beverage industry at a very young age. His early start was truly a family affair. Ray worked with his brother, Charles, at their father’s distributing company in Clarksville, Tennessee. Oertles 92 was the most popular brand at that time. In 1956, Anheuser-Busch products were acquired and added to the product line. After continuing his education, Ray started a successful uniform and linen supply business, but decided that his passion was in the beer industry.

Ray moved his family from Clarksville to Lexington, Kentucky in 1975 as a partner in a Stroh/Schlitz operation. This endeavor was expanded to include another Stroh/Schlitz operation that distributed wine and spirits in Asheville, North Carolina. Ray divested his interests in the Lexington and Ashville operations to purchase present day Eagle Distributing Co., Inc. in 1983.

Budweiser was introduced to Eastern Tennessee in the mid 1880’s. It was delivered by a variety of distributors including companies whose primary business was food, other beverages and even pharmaceuticals. Following Prohibition, several companies distributed Anheuser-Busch products until 1946 when Smokey Mountain Beverage, owned by Chares Brown, took total control from Royal Crown Bottling. In 1958 the distributorship was sold to E.L. Tipton, who renamed the enterprise Tipton Distributing Company. He built a new warehouse facility which is still the home of the current company operations. His family held the franchise until 1983, when Raymond D. Hand purchased the company and rechristened it Eagle Distributing Company, Inc.