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Voss Water

“VOSS Water is the vision of Ole Christian Sandberg and Christopher Harlem who grew up as boyhood friends in Oslo, Norway. Norway is a small country with a very pristine environment. In Iveland, where you’ll find the VOSS source, the area is sparsely populated. It’s there that you’ll find some of the best spring and artesian water sources on Earth. Ole and Christopher knew instinctively that bottling this pure Norwegian artesian water would be a big hit with discerning consumers around the world. Then our task was to match the purity of Norwegian water with a distinctive, iconic bottle design that would convey the greatness of our water. This is how VOSS was born. The success of VOSS comes from a clear vision of superior quality and design, and this vision has become a global reality. VOSS is now celebrated in over 50 countries in a variety of sizes with unique and universal appeal. Tailored for different consumption occasions, VOSS Still water is available in glass and high grade PET. Our Flavored Sparkling, also available in glass, comes in Lemon Cucumber and Tangerine Lemongrass, with zero calories and no sugar or artificial sweeteners. The Flavored Sparkling Waters are currently available in U.K., U.S., Australia & Canada.