Sales System

In 1987 Eagle Distributing Company  made the decision to transfer it’s traditional route sales system into a Hybrid selling system. It was revamped in 1995 by adjusting the pre-sell system and adding a bulk selling system. In late 2004, the first two combo routes were added to the Hybrid system. These combo routes replaced our draught only routes and incorporated package as well as draught. This Hybrid system consists of four different types of selling concepts:

  1. Peddle Sales: The selling and delivery job functions are preformed by the same individual at the same time.
  2. Bulk Sales: Utilizes a pre-sell method.  This cycle begins with the account representative making contact with the customers, usually grocery store chains and other large retailers such as WalMart and Sam’s Club, normally 24 hours in advance of delivery to solicit the sale of Eagle Distributing’s products. The product is delivered the following day by a bulk driver. The account representative returns to the account the same day to stock and merchandise the product.
  3. Combo Sales: A combination of draught and package products are sold and delivered simultaneously by the same individual primarily to on-premise retail accounts.
  4. Pre-Sell: Account Reps call on designated retail accounts to obtain an order for product. This product is delivered the following day by a pre-determined Delivery.

We deliver to the following counties in East Tennessee:


We deliver to the following counties in West Tennessee:

Shelby County